What is Lean?

Lean is a collection of principles and tools designed to reduce waste in any process, resulting in improvements to time, cost, and quality. No matter what product or service you create, you can preserve value with less work through the use of Lean.


What LEAN is:

  • Lean is the systematic, relentless elimination of waste and non-value added activity
  • Lean focuses on delivering more value to the customer
  • Lean methods seek to create efficiency based on optimizing flow
  • Lean is about respecting, enabling, and empowering people
  • Lean continuously asks the question, "How can we get better?"


What LEAN is NOT:

  • Lean is NOT the elimination of people or employees
  • Lean is NOT a passing fad or phase
  • Lean is NOT about micro-managing
  • Lean is NOT forsaking quality to cut costs